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      About Aztech Technologies Pte Ltd

      Aztech Technologies Pte Ltd is a one-stop integrated design and manufacturing solutions provider based in Singapore. Together with our parent company, we have over 30 years of track record in the electronics industry.

      Backed by strong R&D, design, engineering and integrated manufacturing capabilities, we provide:

      • -Original design manufacturing (ODM);
      • -Original equipment manufacturing (OEM);
      • -Joint development manufacturing (JDM);
      • -Electronics manufacturing Services (EMS); and
      • -Contract manufacturing services (CMS) / Contract Electronics Manufacturing (CEM)
      Always striving towards the edge of technology

      Our customers range from enterprising start-ups to internationally renowned MNCs, spanning across various industries such as IoT, telecommunication, consumer electronics, healthtech, LED lighting and automotive, as well as industrial.


      Driven by four R&D centres and holistic manufacturing services from design and material management to logistics services and customer programme management, we support clients with value-added service at every stage of the process starting with product transfer, component procurement, electronics PCB assembly, mechanical assembly, plastics moulding and injection, testing, private labelling, to the shipping of products to deliver a seamless, and unified supply chain.? ?


      Since inception, Aztech embraces changes head on, constantly innovating to stay ahead by empowering our clients’ value chain from idea conceptualisation to real world impact, delivering value beyond expectation each and every time.

      Our Credentials
      Aztech ISO 9001 Cert
      Aztech ISO 14001 Cert
      Aztech ISO 13485 Cert
      Aztech IATF 16949 Cert
      Aztech TL 9000 Cert