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      Design and development

      Mechanical design

      • Industrial design
      • Rapid prototyping (SLA – Stereolithography Apparatus),(FDM – Fused Deposition Modeling)
      • Plastic and metal parts, enclosures
      • Motion mechanisms
      • Packaging design

      Electronics firmware design

      • PCB layout
      • System architecture
      • Analog and digital circuit designs
      • Electro-mechanical designs
      • RF designs

      Research and development

      • Team of engineers to support customers in their design and manufacturing needs.
      Product Industrialisation

      Product test development

      • Design verification and validation
      • Submission for safety and regulatory approvals such as FCC, UL, and CE
      • Design-For-Test (DFT)
      • In-Circuit-Test (ICT)
      • Custom Functional Test (CFT)
      • Design of testing jigs and fixtures

      Plastics Manufacturing

      • Plastic Mold Fabrication
      • Plastic Injection, Plastic Extrusion and Blow Molding
      • Post process finishing, laser marking, silk screening, pad printing

      Electronics Manufacturing

      • Turnkey Procurement and Material Management
      • High speed SMT machines
      • Automated inspection
      • Automated assembly
      • Custom board-level functional test design and execution
      Supply chain management

      Supply chain management

      • Material sourcing
      • Procurement
      • Packaging
      • Delivery