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      Our in-house R&D spans industrial design, electronics, mechanical, hardware, firmware and software design. Specialised engineers take charge of compliance and quality to ensure robustness of the design and meeting of international standards. No less.

      In-house facilities such as plastic molding and injection allows quick turnaround of concepts into the product stage and provides the assurance of security as nothing is exposed to external parties.

      Engineers from the manufacturing division adopt a collaborative relationship with clients, ensuring products are designed for manufacturability, enhancing output and reducing costs. We empower our customers, from idea conceptualisation to real-world impact.

      We add the smart to Smart Living

      A home is more than just a home these days. We reinvent how people live with Internet of Things (IOT) and smart homes by combining technology and comfort. Our consumer, home and lifestyle products cover smart home automation systems, home appliances, sensory network devices, data communication devices as well as internet protocol (IP) cameras. These smart home products are manufactured by us under our own brand, Kyla.

      Brighten your work. Illuminate your life

      We specialise in the design and development of high quality LED lighting including commercial and residential lighting applications and networking products. Through cutting-edge technology, our wide range of products are distinctively engineered for greater durability and sustainability.

      On the Pulse of Communications

      In this rapidly evolving age of technology and information, we play a pivotal role in transforming the way we communicate. Leveraging on our latest network and wireless technologies, we optimise speed to bring out clients solutions that put them ahead.


      Travel is redefined with our extensive experience in automotive-related electronic design and manufacturing services.

      Healthtech for consumers

      We also manufacture healthtech devices and some of these include:

      • Wearable devices with in-built sensors to help guide users on therapy solutions so they can do so in the comfort of their homes
      • Wearable sensors that matches digital therapists and physical therapists with patients to aid and monitor their rehabilitation progress
      Industrial expertise

      We develop and manufacture the industrial applications, provide solutions such as:

      • Burn-in board
      • VDSL Tester
      • Test Boards for that allows the testing of SoC