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      We are a fast-moving, international organisation recruiting the best of talents globally. We value our employee’s ability to pursue excellence, doing the right things even when it is not easy, being committed and motivated.

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      Career with Aztech

      We put in the necessary measures to ensure a smooth transition in your career with Aztech, starting with a structured on-boarding programme and on-the-job training. As a performance driven company, we ensure all our employees are treated fairly and rewarded based on their performance. Employees with exceptional performance will be put on a fast-track career programme where they will be given additional training to take on bigger responsibilities.

      Learning & Development

      Our employees are our greatest asset and as a company, we invest into our employees for the long-term. Learning and development programmes are selected in accordance to each employee’s area of specialisation, so as to further develop their capabilities.

      Employee Engagement Activities

      We work hard, but also take time out to have fun! Sporting and dining get-together are common among our employees.

      CSR Events

      As a company, we are active in giving back to the community and hold regular CSR activities such as donation and fund-raising events.

      Talent Development

      Aztech actively participates in various programmes to identify and groom young talents.


      Through various scholarship programmes, Aztech has been playing an active role in supporting students who have demonstrated academic excellence, sound character, strong leadership potential, desire for success and a passion for innovation. Suitable scholars have also been put on a fast-track programme where they are given additional exposure and suitable training to enable them to undertake greater responsibilities.

      Management Associates

      Young graduates are given opportunities to explore and pursue a career in Sales or R&D through our Management Associate Programme. They will be guided by a mentor, and are given international exposure to gain better insights of overseas markets.


      Opportunities are provided for interns to participate in projects and develop skills that are relevant and useful as they prepare to join the working world.

      Internship Testimonials

      Tan Won Ee, NTU

      The internship in Aztech was a fruitful one. I was given many learning opportunities and was guided very patiently by my supervisor. I am very thankful to be given the opportunity to learn about the Oracle accounting system from scratch. I find myself learning something new every day in Aztech. Overall, it was a very welcoming experience as I was able to interact with many colleagues from different departments.?


      Hong Jijian, NYP

      This internship had let me exposed to how product development process is carried out in the industry. I had grabbed this opportunity to learn as much as possible. Also, I appreciate to those who gave me guidance and constructive feedback during the internship despite their busy schedule. Being engaged in the prototypes testing, I had gained and learned a lot of skills such as technical handling, troubleshooting process, burning firmware etc.? ?


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