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      24 Feb 2022 downloads
      Smart Home Catalog

      Kyla breathes simplicity into technology with its new generation of IoT Smart Home devices. Connecting to other Kyla devices via various wireless protocols such as WiFi and Zigbee, these devices bring forth a smart home ecosystem that enhances lifestyle through comfort, convenience and security.

      Download PDF here

      24 Feb 2022 downloads
      Home Appliances Catalog
      Kyla's comprehensive range of home appliances are guided by our methodological approach to innovation Each solution, from cooking to cleaning, is insightfully built to complement your living experience at...
      24 Feb 2022 downloads
      DataCom Catalog
      With 34 years of experience in research and innovation, we are at the forefront of networking and smart home security technology Download PDF...
      15 Nov 2021 video
      Innovation Insights: Aztech Technologies | SWITCH 2021
      Innovation has always been in the DNA of Aztech and has played a big part in the growth of our business Explore how Aztech Technologies has been constantly innovating since our inception to meet the growing...
      1 Oct 2021 news
      Mycroft Selects Aztech As Its Design And Manufacturing Partner For Mark II
      Kansas City, MO - September 21, 2021 & Singapore - September 22, 2021 - Mycroft AI has selected Aztech Technologies Pte Ltd as its design partner and contract manufacturer for the company’s Mark II smart...
      18 Nov 2020 news
      Aztech’s Smart Home Devices Get Registered Under the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore’s Cybersecurity Labelling Sceme
      November 16th 2020 –?Aztech Technologies, local leading design and electronics manufacturer, announced to have been the first to successfully receive the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA)’s...
      13 Sep 2020 downloads
      LED Lighting Catalog
      Kyla LED luminaires offer stylish, energy-saving, affordable and easy-to-install lighting solutions, viable replacements for traditional lighting technologies across numerous applications Download PDF...
      22 Jun 2020 news
      Aztech announces new corporate branding and launch of new website
      June 5th 2020 - Aztech Technologies, local leading design and electronics manufacturer, announces a new brand identity and website https://wwwaztechcom/business, to reflect the company’s commitment in...
      27 May 2020 video
      Aztech Corporate Video
      Founded in 1986, we are constantly evolving to stay ahead Today, we are Singapore’s foremost one-stop turnkey design and manufacturing solutions...